20-05-07 Spot x Re-Deux

Thorvereton was showing 5 on the guage so we decided to head up to spot x again. The level was a lot higher than last time, the hole was flushier but deeper and the total lack of eddy required 45m of throw line to pull back up!

Thank you to Jenny for all the photos! Click one to go to the gallery

I managed to hit some good ends and tried a load of loops but just can't tell myself to do them right!

A video of me cartwheeling


Yay loads of rain and the Erme was in perfect condition!! We packed the car up for a gorge walk but threw boats in just in case but when we got there the river was holding water well. I met Gary and Grace at the viaduct with my brother in tow as photographer. After a brief walk and scout to slot-n-drop and back we decided to run the river gently breaking it up with inspections and contemplations as none of us had run the river before.

We put in just below slot and drop and ran the river in chunks I fluffed one drop, going into a wall and denting the front of my magnum!. It really tested me and had the adrenaline running, especially the first technical drop!

We ran a few drops more than once and I think the three of us really enjoyed the experience, I know I did for sure! Bring on the summer storms!


Urgh another year older.


Hmm I bought a plastic squirt boat to keep me amused of the summer. After much cussing trying to sit in it K1 I gave up and did the right thing and made it C1. I've not had a chance to try it properly but it wheels and stalls really nice.

After a few adjustments its looking like it will be cut a bit better but I will try it tomorrow!


A couple of friends came down from Uni, however a distinct lack of water meant any rivers were out, so we hit Spot-X in Tiverton which was a lot more fun than we expected!

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A quick scout of it didn't encourage us to get changed, however once we were on our opinions changed!

With Jenny on the bank with the camera, we started at the top of the salmon steps (we could just about float at the top!) and worked our way down having a mess around.

The bottom one provided good entertainment for a good half hour!

The bottom hole was low, but (nice) and sticky on river right with a perfect green toungue to spin off in the middle.

Loops were tried

Lots of Spins was the order of the day

One Phonix Monkey was attempted but resulted in headbanging!

and of course there were lots of powerflips!

Good fun was had by all, and I look forward to the rodeo on the 14th!!!